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Name:Kai Maximillian Darcy
Birthdate:Oct 10
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Kai Maximillian Darcy was born and bred New York City, but he never felt much like he belonged there. Kai was raised by a single mother, Penelope Darcy, when his father cheated on her and walked out on her when Kai was three years old. Prior to that, their relationship had been on again/off again, at best. They never married, and Kai's father resented his mother for falling pregnant in the first place. When he walked out, Penelope had to quit college because she feared the mounting student debts. She knew if she had to keep repaying them, she would forever struggle to make ends meet. Instead, she gave up on her dreams of becoming an Early Childhood Educator, and instead got a job waiting tables to pay the bills.

Kai wasn't a difficult kid. They were close and Penelope made sacrifices so he had everything he needed, and often things he wanted where she could afford them. Something began to worry her when Kai didn't want to join Little League and instead asked to take ballet lessons. Penelope wasn't homophobic, yet she worried her son would be picked on if he was too different. Kids could be awful to each other, and she only wanted him to grow up as happy and as healthy as he could be.

Things began to change when Kai was in his teen years. Kai knew he was gay, but feared coming out. He told himself he never could, and tried to push on and shove the internal urges aside. This was only emphasised when another guy at their school, Paris Hart was badly bullied for being gay, and pushed him into an almost successful suicide attempt. This his Kai extremely hard, because he secretly had been crushing on Paris for some time. But trying to convince himself not to act on his hidden homosexuality, he pushed those feelings away too. Still, Kai was never nasty or rude to Paris. He never said anything awful to him. In fact, he was kind to him, because he knew he needed that more than anything with what he was dealing with.

Kai made an error of judgement when he was 16. In a desperate attempt to negate his true sexuality, he asked Paris' sister, Gen on a date. He had misguided feelings for her that really should have been projected to Paris, and they slept together. What's worse, they had unprotected sex. It felt so wrong to Kai that he could never face her again, not even to apologise, because in apologising, he would have had to admit to her he was gay. Then the whole school would find out. He couldn't risk that happening. At the time, Kai was sporting, using athletics to try to take his mind off his inner turmoil. He did really well with it and held titles. But after the first sexual encounter that felt all wrong in his heart and in his gut, life began to crumble for him.

Kai didn't want to keep living a lie. But instead of breaking free, he, too, fell into the same trap as Paris. He took an overdose, and his mom had to find him when she got home from work, unresponsive. It scared the shit out of her, and she begged him to talk to her. He couldn't. Instead, she sent him away to live with her sister and her husband in San Francisco, because his uncle was a psychologist and she hoped he could talk things through with her beloved son.

It worked. Kai finally opened up to someone about what he was dealing with. It came to light that his uncle's brother was gay, and involved in an LGBT+ support group that Kai began to attend. He started school in San Francisco and ended up getting exceptional grades in his new school and went on to do Psychology at college himself. Kai never knew that one fateful night that he got Gen pregnant. She would have had no way to contact him, and he had been so messed up to even consider that could have happened. Although he regrets that night, it was the push he needed to accept who he was, come out, and start living out and proud. San Francisco couldn't have been a better place for him to do all that.

Kai is now a Managing Director of an LGBT+ support service in San Francisco where he counsels teenagers in similar situations to what he faced. He likes to think that he can help teenagers like him and Paris before they reach the awful choice of whether to try to keep living a lie or to take their own lives to end the pain. Kai is currently single, and although he had one serious relationship and was engaged to his partner of three years, it ended when his partner got cold feet and wasn't ready to settle down. Kai is a sweet guy with a bubbly personality now he has the freedom to be himself. He loves the work he does, and can't imagine doing anything else.

However, it was an intriguing phone call from one Presley Monroe with a tempting offer that has Kai coming back to New York for the first time he left, and seriously contemplating whether he should finally find Gen to apologise for what he did all those years ago...

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